Warranty, what’s covered and what’s not?

My grandfather used to say ” warranty is worth nothing if you need to claim it” that is why we seek the best and most suitable gear for you and provide a professional service to complement that though sometimes not all goes to plan or there are issues out of our control.

Your invoice states that warranty is based on manufacturers and suppliers terms ranging from 12 month to 5 years.
So what does it means exactly? Here is a brake down to simplify things.

We strive to be the best in our industry, stand behind our products and take pride in our work well and truly beyond what the ‘Consumer Guaranty Act’ requires us yet we will do our best to fix or replace any faulty goods or workmanship. With that said, remember that your gate system needs attention to keep working, avoid costly repairs and keep insects away from all electronic systems, trim branches and keep gate area clear, keep on top of your annual service, think of it as your gates Warrant of Fitness. In the event of any unusual sounds, accidental damage stop using the gate and call the gate doctor.

What is covered

  • Metal gates and hardware – 5 years on welds and corrosion
  • Gate automation kits  – 2 years (motors and controller only) for manufacturing defects
  • All other products (including replacement units (motors or Controller) 12 month for manufacturing defects
  • Defective workmanship – 12 month from date of first work

This covers the repair or replacement or the faulty part or rectify workmanship from date of install or first work

What is not covered

  • Any damaged by accident, misuse, weather, insects, flood, electrical surge, natural disaster or act of god
  • Deliberate or accidental damage by person or vehicle
  • Forced entry
  • Removal of the gate or motors
  • Water blast cleaning
  • Tampering or repairs done by third party
  • damage or misalignment caused by living nature (soil shrinking or swelling, plants and roots, insects and other living organisms)
  • Pre existing gear and structure (gates, posts, brackets, motors, intercom, wiring etc.) used for or connected to any warranted goods

Any handling of warranted goods by third party would immediately VOID any warranty claims.

Warranty is good to have though it also also your responsibility to maintain the gate and system in a good working order.
All manufacturers of gate automation systems specify a routine service by a professional, such as The Gate Doctor, as often as every six month, it is up to you to determine these intervals however we recommend to do this at least once a year on top of your own maintenance (apply insect repellent, use the manual release regularly, use battery backup (if available) and visibly inspect the gate an automation).