Term and Conditions of Service

Term and Conditions of Service
By booking a job, a gate service or an inspection with The Gate Doctor you engage in a legal contract so here are a few things you may need to know.

Our call out charge applies for the first hour or part thereof and is based on our hourly rate plus a one off administration fee per job, additional time past the first hour is calculated in blocks of half hours or part thereof.

At our discretion, if you cancel your booking less than 2 working days from the scheduled date of the job you would be charged the administration fee ($60.00).

Arrival time:
We do our best to arrive on time as scheduled however sometimes we may arrive earlier than schedule or a previous job may take longer than expected to complete or traffic is an issue and this may cause delays in the schedule which will affect our arrival time, unfortunately these delays are out of our control and if they happen we will try to contact you as soon as possible to advise of such delay, however this is not always possible.

Time on site:
We use a computerised system to record each job right from when you call us through logging our work time, parts used and at the end produce an invoice. We do our best to minimize downtime and provide a quick and professional service while keeping the cost down.

Parts required:
Should we find that parts are required to complete the work we will seek your approval either verbally or via an email before proceeding, in case a proposal for parts and labour are submitted we would ask for a 50% deposit as confirmation and acceptance of this proposal.

Finding the fault is not always straightforward as we are always looking to fix the problem and not the symptoms. This process of troubleshooting especially when there is an intermittent problem may take time and repeat visits to isolate and identify the real cause, please understand that we are doing our best and are aware of the cost this may incur to you.

Unforeseen and Uncontrolled conditions:
Any unforeseen issues arising from  or following our work and therefore increasing the time or adding parts to the job will be charged for based on the companies usual rates.
Any uncontrolled condition (i.e. Pests infestation, Ground movements, deterioration of structure and foundations etc.) is by no means the company’s responsibility and the company can not be held liable to any outcome or damage as a result.

Payment and Title:
1. Payment in full is due within 7 days of invoice date.
2. A late payment administration fee of $20.00 and interest of 2% per month from invoice date will apply to overdue invoices following 30 days from invoice date and are subject to change at any time by notice.
3. All parts supplied and/or installed remain the property of The Gate Doctor until payment is made in full.
4. In the event of an overdue account The Gate Doctor has the right to revert all work done to the state prior to our visit including the removal of any parts supplied The Gate Doctor or any of its employees are by no means liable to any security breach or damage that may result of such act.

Notwithstanding the Company’s retention of title to the goods until the Customer makes payment in full, for all amounts owed to the Company, the Customer and/or Guarantor agrees as follows:
(a) If the Customer and/or Guarantor fail to pay any part of any account when the sum is due, then without prejudice to any other remedy herein provided or by law allowed, the Customer and/or Guarantor hereby agree to give and grant a registration of a mortgage over any and all of the Customer and/or Guarantor’s properties.
(b) Without prejudice to any other mortgages our mortgage is to secure to the Company the balance of the amount owed, together with any default cost as provided in clause 2.
(c) Our mortgage is payable on demand and is to be in a form usually employed by the solicitor to the Company. The Customer and/or Guarantor hereby agrees to give and execute such mortgage, and to pay all costs and disbursements for taking such security, such cost to be on a solicitor-client basis and including any other costs incurred.
(d) The Company shall be entitled to execute such mortgage on behalf of the Customer and/or Guarantor. For the execution of such mortgage the Customer and/or Guarantor hereby irrevocable appoints the Company as the attorney of the Customer and/or Guarantor for the purpose of the Company exercising its rights under this clause.

Any dispute regarding our service should be raised in writing (email to: ido@tgd.nz) no longer than 5 working days from our last visit. Your letter should clearly note the invoice line item in dispute and your reason for your dispute. We would address the issue as it is received, following legal consultation if need be and reply by email the outcome of our decision.
In an event of a dispute, Card payments would no longer be valid or accepted.
Any chargebacks initiated as a result of card payment dispute will trigger the activation of the security, Payment and Title clauses above with reference to the full invoice amount plus a $30.00 administration fee.

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