FaQ’s – Answers to common questions

Learn more about common gate issues we come across and options to remedy them

Manual Release

Most gate motors and gate automation systems have a mean of manual release built in so you can manually operate the gate in the event of a power failure or a system fault.
This is normally done by turning a handle or twisting a knob which sometimes require a key to allow this for security reasons.
Keys used could be a Hex Key, a version of a Cut Key or a Specially design key which was supplied with your system at the time of installation.

Manual Release Keys

We are able to supply a variety of keys to many brands based on a model name in the event of a cut key the number that is as engraved on the lock.
Some brands are: Came, BFT (triangle and new model keys), FAAC, Centurion, Genius, DEA, Mhouse.
If your brand is not listed contact us and we will see how we can help.

Gate Alignment

For the gate and motors to work in harmony efficiently it need to be properly aligned with each other, misalignment would cause stress and ware which if not serviced in time will damage the motors and gate permanently.
Misalignment can be a result of ground movement associated with seasonal changes or a wrong installation. Auckland is known for its clay base ground which dry in the summer months and shrink leaving large cracks in the ground, as a result posts are leaning over causing swing gates to drag on the ground and concrete driveways shift causing sliding gates to misalign the motor drive cog.
Low quality gates especially timber ones tend to loose there structural strength resulting with an out of shape gate that gust doesn’t work, these gates unfortunately are not something we repair however we can offer to replace.
Some issues are easily addressed in an service call out while others may require a rebuild of a concrete strip or reinstall of a gate post or even a wall.
It is important to diagnose the cause of the problem and if possible address it rather than treat the symptoms as this is likely to be a temporary fix.
We offer repair service and annual servicing to keep your gate moving, contact us to book a service for your automatic gate.