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When your automatic gate is unwell,
call The Gate Doctor!

Automatic Gates Repair and Maintenance Service

The Gate Doctor is Auckland’s leading automated electric gate repair and Service Company. We provide outstanding customer service with top quality essential parts.

Our expert team has experience with a vast amount of systems with maintaining and repairing openers, gate system installations, intercoms, keypads, access control systems, and safety devices. There’s no job too big or too small for us.

Our services include

  • Auto gate systems – Brand new installation, maintain, upgrade, or fix most gate openers
  • Intercom systems – Audio and video upgrade, or repair
  • Keypads – Reprogram, fix, or upgrade
  • Access control systems – swipe cards, ground loops, probes
  • Safety devices – IR photo safety beams and vehicle detection systems
  • Remote controls – original remote for your gate opener system or replacement

We have the knowledge and the experience to pin-point and solve the core issues on most system failures. We’re here to fix your automated gate system.

Brands we carry and service:

Automatic and Electric Gates Brands and Parts

All Areas within Auckland

We have fully qualified technicians and electricians to serve you and your gate installation or maintenance within Auckland-wide regions.

Free call 0800-428-337 to talk to one of our professionals.
Our friendly and helpful team will give you expert advice along with professional service.

The Gate Doctors are #1 at installing and maintaining automated gate systems throughout Auckland homes, schools, offices, and various types of building surroundings.

  • Break down repair
  • Annual Service
  • Insurance Claim

Since most gate problems fall under two categories – Mechanical or Electrical, our team can fix any break downs that have occurred.

There’s an annual servicing for all our customers for gate intercom, gate keypads, swipe cards systems, remote control gate access, vehicle detection, probes and ground loops.

We’ve teamed up with all major New Zealand insurance companies to make the flow of getting everything to you as easy as possible.

Your gate needs attention? Call The Doctor

  • New Installation
  • Replace old systems
  • Add accessories

Installs on Electric and Automatic gates are of top quality ranging from Access control, Intercom and Monitoring systems. Full warranty is included on every purchased part and on all labour.

We also include service-upgrade or replacements for existing systems such as Motor units, Electric components and various types of Remotes controls.

We stock original remote controls as well as more affordable after-market replacement for your gate and access control systems.

Our range of products are from the most reputable brands for various types of systems which can be found at cost-effective prices online and delivered straight to your door!

Contact us if you need a custom solution

Automated gates are great – but they do require service from time to time.

We service both private and commercial gates and we have good relationship with all insurance companies and real estate agencies. The weather in New Zealand changes frequently during the day, hence the saying “four seasons in one day” – which is a big factor when it comes to failures in systems within automated gates. The continuous change in temperature causes gate components to expand and contract – over time it can create Mechanical or Electrical problems of your gates.
Other reasons that cause the gate to fail are NZ’s ground movement, vibrations from heavy vehicles, vandalism, incorrect installations, accidents, or just plain wear and tear over time.

We have experience with a large array of systems and situations. We can find and identify the cause of the problem – mechanical or electric and we have the tools and the expertise to fix almost any system.

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